A new coronavirus vaccine will be tested on humans in the UK on Thursday this week

uk coronavirus vaccine minister
Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced trials would begin this week

A new coronavirus vaccine, known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, developed at the University of Oxford, will be tested on up to 510 people aged 18 to 55.

The vaccine from the oxford project will be trialed in people from this Thursday, said British Health Secretary Matt Hancock who made the announcement at yesterday’s daily Government briefing.

“In normal time, reaching this stage will take years, and I am very proud of the work taking so far.

“We will make the vaccine available to the British people as soon as possible,” he said.

uk coronavirus vaccine

Testing the first British-made vaccine brings huge hopes that it will provide a key to banish COVID-19 and get out of  lockdown.

However, Matt Hancock said “nothing about this process is certain; vaccine development is a process of try and error and try again, that`s the nature in vaccine development.”

Imperial College London and University Hospital Southampton are calling volunteers to take part in first human trials to see if a potential vaccination is effective in tackling the disease.

The British Government will give the scientists in Oxford an extra £20million to help with their trials and a further £22.5m to a project at Imperial College London.

The virus has now infected more than 125,000 people and killed 17,339 in the UK.

The trial will take at least six months. Scientists have to make sure the vaccine is safe and effective.

Researchers at Oxford believe a large-scale production could be under way as early as September this year. – Malaysia World News

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