A new coronavirus antibody test with 99% accuracy was certified for use accross Europe. 

The antibody test can check whether someone has been infected with coronavirus,  without seeing a doctor. 

Reports say the first coronavirus antibody test without doctor’s visit is now available

Global diagnostics specialists Abbott, which has a UK base in Maidenhead, said millions of the antibody tests will be shipped across Europe by the end of May.

In tests Abbott claimed its product was more than 99 per cent specific in identifying only Covid-19 antibodies from 1,070 negative samples.

Antibody testing is crucial to helping identify patients who have had the coronavirus infection and have developed immunity as this will allow them to return to work and could be crucial for NHS workers and people in other key roles.

The antibody tests is said to help understand who has had the virus, leading to greater confidence as we get back to living life.