A man suspected of fathering 600 children ordered by a court to stop donating his sperm

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Jonathan Meijer, a 41-year-old Dutchman, who was suspected of fathering between 500 and 600 children was ordered by a court to stop donating his sperm, and he faces a 100,000 euro penalties for each offence.

Additionally, he was instructed to write to foreign clinics and request that they dispose of all his semen samples that they have in their stocks, with the exception of those doses designated for parents who had already had children by him.

The situation could have repercussions because Meijer’s children could run into one another and fall in love or incest without realising they are actually biologically brothers and sisters. Therefore, Jonathan Meijer was also ordered to write to clinics abroad asking them to destroy any of his semen samples they have in stock.

Daily Mail reported, the decision came after a civil case was started by a foundation representing the interests of donor children and Dutch parents who had used Meijer as a donor. Eva, the Dutch woman at the centre of the court case, said it made her feel’sick to her stomach’ that he had fathered so many other children. Eva and the Donorkind Foundation wanted to stop Mr Meijer donating and to find out which clinics he has donated sperm to.

He is also accused of lying to hundreds of women about the number of children he has fathered.

In the belief that he was being charitable, Julia and Ida Meijer met him in a hotel to obtain his sample. They later learned the real number of children he had fathered, though. He was surreptitiously providing sperm to practically every fertility clinic in the nation, considerably beyond the permitted amount, according to Dutch health authorities

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