A man alleges he had sex with Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali 3 times

azmin ali sex video allegations

Kuala Lumpur: A man (pic left) claims and alleges he had sex with Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali 3 times in hotels.

“First it was at the Grand Continental Kuching three years ago, then at Pullman Kuching during the party elections in October last year.

“We did it again in Grand Hyatt KL during your stint as menteri pengiring to the Sultan of Brunei in March this year and our recent encounter at Fourpoint Sandakan last month,” he said in a Facebook post today.

He made these confessions yesterday morning and today after he or someone else has posted series of sex videos and images implicating the minister.

The videos have gone viral on social media and have shaken Malaysians conscience and caused a roar in the political scene.

Azmin yesterday denied strongly the allegations. 

“I utterly condemn this brand of gutter politics which was malicious and cruel.

“It has no place in this era of New Malaysia, where we are working to rebuild the nation through institutional reforms,” he said in a statement yesterday.

The Prime Minister Dr Mahathir and many Pakatan Harapan leaders from the new government have all condemned these sex video allegation and called it as “dirty”, ” gutter politics played by the opposition.

Dr Mahathir said such videos were clearly created with a political agenda, using current existing advanced technology.

“Nowadays you can produce all kinds of pictures if you are clever enough,” he said.

Commenting on the allegations, Pakatan Harapan youth chief Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman today also urged Malaysian youths stay away  from politics due to (what he claims) gutter politics.

“I think especially for young people politics should be about the battle of ideals, ideas, and principles. It is about finding ways to forward the interest of our nation collectively, not about sex, sex, sex, and more sex,” he said.

However, the man whose name is Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz, a senior private secretary to Deputy Primary Industries Minister Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin,  insists that the sex video are real,

He  posted a video of himself on Facebook yesterday morning confessing and claiming to be one of the duo in the sex video which is being circulated on all social media platforms.

Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz also swears that the other person in the clip was a current minister and PKR leader.

He also claims in the posting that minister, who is a senior PKR leader, is not fit to be a leader and he urges the MACC to investigate him for alleged corruption.

 “I, Haziq Haziz… made a sworn confession that I am the individual with…in the video which went viral yesterday.

“The video was taken without my permission on May 11  in the [minister’s] room at Hotel Four Points.

“I urge MACC to investigate (the minister) for corruption. He is not an individual who is qualified to be a leader,” he said.

Today, after he felt that no action were taken by the police or the Pakatan government, he posted more claims on his Facebook saying it was not the first time the minister had sex with him in a hotel. 

Haziq Aziz, who is the individual at the centre of the gay sex videos implicating minister Azmin Ali has also questioned the credibility of Pakatan Harapan government, after ruling politicians ]accused him of having a political agenda in making such allegations.

He also said he was abandoned and that a representative had approached him in an attempt to force him to retract the claims.

As for the moment,MCMC has warned people to not upload and share the sex videos on the internet or social media, following the spread of the viral sex video allegedly linked to Minister.

In a statement,  MCMC said that under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia act, offenders can be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed for a year or both.

 MCMC also said that it will not hesitate to block websites that committed the offence.

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