A man alleges he had sex with a Malaysian minister


A man has confessed early today that he is the one in the viral sex video with a man resembling a cabinet minister.

The man, Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz, 27, who is the senior private secretary to Deputy Primary Industries Minister Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, claims that the sex video was real.

The gay sex video has gone viral on social media these two days and has shaken netizens conscience.

 Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz posted a video of himself on Facebook confessing and claiming to be one Of the duo in the sex video which is being circulated on all social media platforms.

 Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz also claims and swears that the other person in the clip was a current minister and PKR leader.

He also claims in the posting that minister, who is a senior PKR leader, is not fit to be a leader and he urges the MACC to investigate him for alleged corruption.

 “I, Haziq Haziz… made a sworn confession that I am the individual with…in the video which went viral yesterday.

“The video was taken without my permission on May 11  in the [minister’s] room at Hotel Four Points.

“I urge MACC to investigate (the minister) for corruption. He is not an individual who is qualified to be a leader,” he said.

Yesterday Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad denied he knew or heard about the sex video that shows a man having sex with another man who resembles a Cabinet minister.

“I do not know anything. I have just heard, I would have to read up on it.

“If you are willing to do a briefing for me, that would be good,” said the prime minister, replying to a question by a reporter at a press conference after chairing the Economic Action Council (EAC) meeting at his office yesterday.



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