A group of thugs terrorising farmers in Cameron Highlands is false news, say Police

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A group of thugs terrorising farmers in Cameron Highlands is false news, according to a statement issued by Pahang police.

State police chief Comm Datuk Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf said the 35-second video showing some men destroying a vegetable farm was old footage from December 2019.

“The men destroying the vegetable farm in the video were actually from the Cameron Highlands District and Land Office.

“The farm was being vacated in accordance with the law as the temporary occupation license in the area had been revoked and a vacancy notice was issued in 2018.

“Even the Cameron Highlands Vegetable Growers Association have denied that there is such a ‘Red Army’,” he said.

A viral video on social media claims a gang called “Red Army” were destroying crops of farmers who refused to pay protection money.

The video claims that there is corruption practices in Cameron Highlands and the farmer who illegally employ foreigners especially Myanmar citizens have to pay to the government and authorities between RM35 to RM40 a day for each employee.
According to the video the police were forcing farmers to contribute to ensure that they can carry out their activities. It also said that the authorities would send a group of thugs called the ‘red army’ to destroy the farmer `s corps if this later do not pay money.
Datuk Ramli also urged the public to not simply make baseless accusations if there is no clear evidence.

“It implies that the police are involved in corruption and tarnishes the image of enforcement agencies.

“We do not protect our personnel if they are found to commit offences.

“There is no such thing as a ‘blue wall of silence’ especially in this world of information technology,” he said .

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