9,500 foreign workers positive COVID-19, 451 detained for SOP non-compliance, 5 PATI expelled – Minister

sabri ismail

KUALA LUMPUR MAR 10: Since the COVID-19 screening tests was made compulsory on 1st February 2021 on all foreign workers, 9,500 had been detected with the corona virus infections.

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, 598,790 had been screen tested and today 88 were detected positive from 5,036 foreign workers who went for the screenings yesterday.

“To date 589,290 foreign workers were free from COVID-19 infections,” said Ismail in a statement here today.

Ismail added, according to the Ministry of Human Resources 1,517 clinics with 31,275 employers had been involved in the compulsory screening tests on foreign workers.

On the compliance of the Movement Control Order (MCO) standard operating standard (SOP) Ismail said, 451 individuals had been detained for non-compliance activities and out of which 393 were compounded and 58 had been remanded.

Among the non-compliance activities committed include failing to provide tools to record personal and customer’s particulars (129),  activities at the entertainment centres (82), no physical distancing (79), prostitution activities (75), inter district/state travel without permission (28), not wearing mask (49) and premises operating beyond permitted time/without permission (9).

On another development, the government had lifted the Enhanced MCO (EMCO) imposed on Sibu Jaya Flat, Block C,H,J,K,L,N and R in Sibu, Sarawak on 11th March 2021 as scheduled.

Ismail said, the Ministry of Health (MOH) had carried out 6,875 screening tests and out of which 390 had been detected with positive COVID-19.

“MOH confirmed that the remaining active cases at the localities have shown a decreasing trend, under control and no screening sample is waiting for the result.

“After a risk analysis was done with several agencies in the MCO Technical Committee and with the advice of MOH, the government agreed to lift the EMCO at the localities involved,” Ismail added.

Meanwhile the Op Benteng had detained 24 illegal immigrants (PATI) and seized six land vehicles. In the operation, the security authorities had detected 103 boats/ships in the Malaysian waters via seven observatory activities.

Ismail said, five PATI had been expelled via three eviction activities. –Malaysia World News 




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