9,066 new COVID-19 cases with most states recording below 1,000 cases–DG Dr. Noor Hisham

noor hisham

PUTRAJAYA OCT.3: The daily COVID-19 infections today recorded the lowest with 9,066 new cases and this has brought the cumulative total to 2,277,565.

Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said, Selangor has also improved its situation recording 1,000 new cases with the cumulative total of 681, 616 while Sarawak with the highest hitting 1,418 (215,576), Sabah 767 (200,3996), Johor 981 (199,167) and Kuala Lumpur 201 (186,721).

Meanwhile, other states recording less than 1,000 cases today include Kedah 670 (136,789), Pulau Pinang 620 (132,376), Kelantan 796 (118,250), Perak 669 (104,719), Negeri Sembilan 191 (97,843), Pahang 630 (66,682), Melaka 206 (59,145), Terengganu 827 (57,989), Labuan 0 (9,969), Putrajaya 24 (6,230) and Perlis 66 (4,097).

Based on the current number of daily COVID-19 cases and if it continues to drop, then the people are optimists that the pandemic will soon be over. They will expect more economic sectors will be opened; social events and travelling activities will be back to normal alongside with more flexibilities in the standard operating procedure (SOP). -Malaysia World News

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