64-year-old beauty queen Noriko wins the Mrs. Senior Global title in Los Angeles

The moment Noriko was crowned Mrs Senior Global 2024 at the Virgelia World Competition in Los Angeles, USA,

 In the past, only young, beautiful ladies were given the priority and glory to participate in beauty pageants, but today, women aged 60 and above are also welcomed to participate, honouring their grace, experiences and wisdom. 

This remarkable shift has opened the doors for senior citizen ladies to take part in beauty contests, have fun, and make friends with people from all over the world, besides offering them the opportunity to reclaim and embrace their sense of self and mature beauty.

Noriko Sato, 64, from Japan, who was recently crowned Mrs Senior Global 2024 at the Miss and Mrs Asia USA World Competition hosted by Virgelia Productions in Los Angeles, USA, said the beauty contest has been a blessing for her as it has engaged her in many activities and given her the opportunity to travel around the world to pursue her hobbies and passions.

“Wonderful encounters and learning made me who I am now. Getting old is also fun!”

“I like to participate in beauty pageants overseas because I can feel my personal progress in each contest, and I gain precious experience and make new friends overseas,” Noriko said in an interview with MWN.

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Noriko has won many beauty pageant titles, among them Mrs. of the Year Aichi Grand Prix 2022 and Mrs. of the Year World Semi Grand Prix 2023.

As an ex-president of a translation company, Noriko had an early retirement, and she was happy with the decision she made. Now she has more time to pursue her hobbies, including travelling, going to musical concerts and fashion shows, and dancing.

“Even after having left my job, I didn’t feel lonely because I had many hobbies to pursue.

“The main reason I participate in beauty contests is to broaden my scope in the world of pageantry,” she said.

Asked whether it is easy and cheap to participate in beauty pageants, mainly overseas, she said, “I think it’s not easy and cheap. But it differs from each contest in how much money you have to pay for entry.”

According to some contestants, to participate in a beauty pageant in the USA, they had to spend at least $10,000 to $25,000 for their participation fees, evening gowns, and accessories, besides flight tickets and accommodations.

Asked what beauty means for Japanese people and what she would choose between money and beauty, she said, “Japanese people find beauty not only in human beings but also in nature.

“It is a difficult question to answer. I think we can’t live without both money and beauty,” she added.

Noriko said she has travelled over 130 times to over 40 countries, and most of the time she travels alone without her husband.

“Travel is my theme in life. Travelling gives me a great learning opportunity to learn about people all over the world,” she said.

Her advice to young ladies who dream of becoming beauty queens is: “Please love yourself, don’t be shy, and have confidence!!” – World News – Malaysia

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