6 Bersatu MPs will receive a letter of membership’s termination before notifying the Speaker of Parliament

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Supreme Council of Perikatan Nasional (PN) will be sending letters of notification shortly to six Members of Paliament (MPs) and two state assemblymen that their memberships have been terminated following notices sent to them were not replied.

Perikatan Nasional (PN) Chairman, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said, the Speaker of Parliament will be informed about the status of those involved after they have received their letters.

The six Bersatu MPs’ memberships who have been terminated following their support on Anwar are Datuk Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul (Bukit Gantang), Datuk Dr. Suhaili Abdul Rahman (Labuan), Zahari Kechik (Jeli), Mohd Azizi Abu Naim (Gua Musang), Datuk Iskandar Dzulkarnain Abdul Khalid (Kuala Kangsar), and Datuk Dr Zulkafperi Hanafi (Tanjong Karang).

Meanwhile, the two state assemblymen involved are Azizi Abu Naim from Nenggiri, Kelantan and Abdul Rashid Asari from Selat Klang.

Muhyiddin who is also the President of Bersatu said, the PN Supreme Council’s meeting this evening (Wednesday) have also decided to amend the constitution of PN by adding the clause of Presidents’ Council.

“The Presidents’ Council will give power to top leaders of the component parties in PN to make decisions such as the allocation of seats and discipline of parties.

“Previously the Presidents’ Council was not official but after the draft of the proposal have been approved by the Supreme Council this evening it will be sent to the Registrar of Societies for approval,” he said after chairing the PN Supreme Council’s meeting here this evening.

Regarding the candidate for the Sungai Bakap by-election, Muhyiddin said, since it was formerly the PAS seat then the party will decide on the candidate that will be announced on 15th June 2024.

According to Muhyiddin the meeting had also approved the formation of Election Department in which it will be empowered via organisation of courses and seminars aimed at winning all seats contested in any election held.

Muhyiddin added, the meeting had also decided to establish the Strategy and Policy Department following PN is a recognised political party and the policies and strategies formulated will become important guidelines that will be supported by majority of the people.

Earlier Muhyiddin had also touched on the reactions of the people following the decision of the government to increase the price of diesel that have been perceived as a heavy burden.

“As the PN Chairman, I am very sad as the decision to increase the price of diesel has been made in a hurry without in-depth details. The problem is it is not the correct time to implement as the cost of living and prices of necessities have been high currently,” he said.

Muhyiddin said, the increase in the price of diesel have caused many parties to bear the costs and as such companies supplying building materials have increased the prices to 30-40 per cent from the original prices and the impact will be felt in future.

“We have a special team to monitor and analyse the current situation and will raise the matter to the higher level once a complete report have been received,” he reiterated. –Malaysia World News


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