5G Rahmah Package, Civil Servants Post-paid Rahmah Incentive at cheaper rates effective 31st Aug. 2023 – Minister Fahmi

Fahmi Fadzilu

KUALA LUMPUR: The telecommunication service provider company with two device-producing companies namely Samsung Malaysia and Honor Malaysia will be offering the 5G Rahmah Package and Civil Servants Post-paid Rahmah Incentive at cheaper rates compared to the existing package in the market.

 Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil said, the two internet service packages are cheaper than those provided in the market.

Fahmi said the 5G Rahmah Package is a smartphone 5G data plan package (device bundle) with the price of Samsung A14 5G smartphone and Honor 90 Lite 5G as low as RM240.00 together with data plan with 60GB at the price of RM60 per month. This package is open to all the people in Malaysia.

“In conjunction with the National Month celebration, the Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD) with the collaboration of Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Telco companies and two device-producing companies have offered the two special packages to the people,” Fahmi said in a statement here today.

The Minister in his explanation said, for the B40 category, 100,000 early customers will be receiving the 5G Rahmah Package with the price of smart phone a slow as RM120.00.The package will be available in the market starting 31st August 2023 with a subscription contract for 24 months.

“This package will also offer a two-year warranty period compared to only one year in the earlier package,” he said in the statement.

Meanwhile, as a show of appreciation to the civil servants, the Civil Servants Post-paid Rahmah Incentive has been introduced with a rebate of RM10 a month and will be enjoyed by all civil servants in Malaysia.

“It will be applied to any existing post-paid package. In other words, civil servants will be saving RM120.00 a year from the post-paid package. This package will also be effective starting 31st August 2023.

“The Unity Government is serious in the efforts to narrow the digital gap and ensures the people get quality Internet service at a reasonable price. This is also in line with the vision and MADANI Economic Framework that focuses on the initiative that reduces the economic burden of the people,” Fahmi said. – Malaysia World News








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