56 cases of infectious diseases detected among flood victims

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PUTRAJAYA JAN.7: There is no new positive COVID-19 and no new cluster reported at 76 Temporary Evacuation Centres (PPS) still operating including 56 in Johor, Pahang (10), Sabah (4), Melaka (4) and Negeri Sembilan (2).

Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said, as of 3pm today, the total number of victims affected by the floods in the five states are 5,304 with 15 positive COVID-19 cases in the PPS (no case today) and the total number of COVID-19 cases detected among flood victims are 465 and one cluster.

Dr. Noor Hisham said, a total of 56 cases of infectious diseases were detected among flood victims. The cases reported were Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARI)- 33, skin diseases – 9 and Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) -14.

“The Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to advise the public to inform the COVID-19 risk status to rescue personnel if confirmed positive or identified as a close contact so that appropriate action can be taken during the evacuation and rescue process,” Dr. Noor Hisham said in a statement here today.
He added, the people should always adhere to SOPs and new normative practices during the transfer process and throughout the period of being at PPS.

Among other advises include: a) Avoid gathering among flood victims while at PPS; b)Wear personal protective equipment during flood evacuation operations and during post-flood clean-up processes; c) Ensure personal hygiene is maintained and immediately clean the body affected by flood water with clean water and practice hand washing using disinfectant liquid or soap especially when going to places of common use such as toilets; d) Avoid playing or wading through flood waters; e) Always maintain the cleanliness of the PPS area to prevent vector -borne diseases; f) Avoid drinking water and eating contaminated food; g) If symptomatic, seek immediate treatment at a nearby clinic or hospital especially for high risk individuals such as the elderly, children, pregnant women and individuals with co-morbidities and h) Medical personnel in all health facilities need to be more alert to the symptoms of diseases that are often associated with floods as mentioned above, then conduct proper examinations so that immediate treatment can be given.

Dr. Noor Hisham said,MOH will always monitor and carry out control and prevention activities as best as possible so that infectious diseases due to flood disasters, especially COVID-19 can be curbed. – Malaysia World News

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