500 graduates will be offered Farming Contracts, says Minister of Agriculture

500 graduates will be offered Farming Contracts

SERDANG APRIL 5: The Department of Agriculture Malaysia (DAM) has introduced a module and farming contract for selected crop between the contract growers and the potential industry players as anchor companies to open up job opportunities to graduates and youth in agricultural fields.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI), Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee said, today 150 graduates from the Public and Private Institute of Higher Learning, Agriculture Certificate and Malaysian Skill Certificate under MAFI who are potential contract growers are meeting up with the anchor companies. .

Ronald said based on the Malaysian Statistics Department, in 2019, the self-sufficiency level (SSL) for fruits and tropical vegetables have reached 100% except for mangos and coconut each reaching at 32.1% and 68.2% respectively.

“The SSL for vegetables including round cabbage is only 36.2%, chillies 30.8% and ginger 16.2%.The data has shown the opportunity and good potentials for the youth to be involved in agricultural fields to help fill the domestic supply and export market via the contract farming programme.

“The Department of Agriculture has formulated a strategy to export the productivity of crops that have reached 100% SSL under the Export of Fruits and Vegetables Programme with the involvement of industry players throughout the value chain.

“Currently, the Department of Agriculture is focusing on fruits like durian, jack fruit, water melon and papaya for exports while chillies, round cabbage and ginger are to fill the domestic needs,” said Ronald Kiandee.

He said that in his speech at the Business Talk Programme: “A Step to Agricultural Industry” organised by the Department of Agriculture, MAFI for year 2021 at the MAFI Multi-Purpose Hall here today.

Ronald Kiandee also emphasized that for the farming contract programme 2021, the Department of Agriculture is targeting 500 contract growers to be offered to graduates to sign the contract with eight anchor companies that are involved and 1,000 people are expected to benefit from it.

The Minister added, the target business value for contract farming is more than RM60 million per year.

Ronald Kiandee  added, all the initiatives and new approaches carried out by MAFI is to transform the agro-food sectors to be more modern, dynamic, competent and at par with other developed nations.

He said, MAFI is always committed to elevate the national productivity level and strengthens the food supply chains to ensure the country’s food security is always guaranteed. –Malaysia World News 

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