50 new telecommunication towers to be built in Sabah for better Internet connection

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PITAS, SABAH: The people in Kampung Mengkapon, Pitas will be accessible to a better telecommunication network when the building of a new telecommunication tower is completed in August 2021.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in its statement said, the building of the tower is implemented under the National Digital Network Plan (JENDELA) that will benefit the people in Pitas and subsequently transforms the lives of the local people while undergoing the challenging digital era.

“With a better Internet connection following the building of the new telecommunication tower, the living standard of the local people is expected to be raised besides enabling them to undertake several jobs everyday and diversify their sources of income,” said the statement.

On the related situation, Assistant Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Sabah, Datuk Seri Dr. Ruddy Awah who is also the State Assemblyman of Pitas together with MCMC have been on a working visit to Kampung Mangkapon recently to monitor the building of the telecommunication tower in that area.

“In the working visit, Dr. Ruddy has been briefed by MCMC and the service provider that have been appointed on the current progress of the building of the new telecommunication tower in that village.

“MCMC recorded their appreciation to Dr. Ruddy Awah who has helped to acquire the building space and to speed up the implementation of the project,” said the statement.

The statement added, 50 new telecommunication towers are in the building process in Sabah. From the total, 13 new towers are located in Pitas District where Kampung Mengkapon has been identified as one of the locations for the building of the tower. –Malaysia World News

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