50 ex-students of Convent School Klang met after 40 years via Whatsapp

50 Ex-students of Convent School Klang 70`s met after 40 years via Watsapp
50 ex-students of Convent School Klang met at a lunch party in Klang.

There is  a moment in your  life when you really yearn to meet old  friends to recapture the happiness and the bitter experiences that you have had together throughout your student’s life.

For  50 ex-students of the Convent Secondary School, Klang,  the  24 July  2016 was the day they were waiting for. The day when old good friends met  after over 40 years,  since they sat for the Malaysian Certificate Examination (MCE) in the 70’s.

Some have gone to stay with their spouses and families abroad like Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.  But,  most  of them are still residing in Klang and the cities nearby , Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, and Kuala Lumpur.

Ironically, even though most of us are staying nearby, there is not much chance to meet with each other, until one fine day two of my classmates, Chen Hoon and Mont Pin made an effort  to form a Whatsapp group called “Convent  Class of 73”. From there, we  made contacts with each other consistently  for about three years now.

Thanks to the WhatsApp … it has helped  to gather people especially those residing abroad to come back for the important meeting.  The nostalgic meeting  on Sunday, June 24, 2016, at lunch time in Hotel Premiere, Klang was indeed an enjoyable and a  successful one.

Cheng Hoon or popularly known as “class monitor” was indeed the person behind the success of the meeting. She had  prepared for it few months ago by contacting friends all over the place and at last surprisingly had a big turn up. Congratulations and thanks to Cheng Hoon for her good job.

Obviously, the most popular questions asked when everybody met there were, ”where have you been all these  years? You still look the same (like during student days) and how many children and grandchildren have you”?  Depending on the answers then they said… so you have completed the life cycle.”

For those who stay single, their answers were, “Ohhh… I spent my time abroad, watching films, relaxing, and  shopping”.

There were many different  answers to the questions asked and this  fit the saying… ”even though we were in the same class, learned the same lessons from the same teacher our destinations in life were never the same.”

Anyway, the “Convent Class of 73” really enjoyed their time, not too much about eating the good food served at the cafe, but the precious time they had together trying to catch up with things which they had  missed all these years.

: Norila giving a short speech at the “Convent Class of 73” get together party which was attended by 50 ex-students of the Klang Convent recently.
Norila giving a short speech at the “Convent Class of 73″.

Nevertheless, Norila who had to leave earlier for another function managed to tickle the hearts of those present with her spontaneous jokes. The jokes were basically on friends that she knew since small at the primary school and right up to Convent Secondary School, Klang in 1973.

For my sense of humour, some of them said:”Hey Norila… you can be like the comedian Harith Iskander  lah…”  I did not know that I could joke and made friends laugh and be happy until that day when I was like… forced to speak. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a “happy time”  when everybody started laughing  when i  described some friends’ characters during our student days .-malaysiaworldnews.


















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