42 clusters involving 5,800 COVID-19 cases from inter-state travel until April 2021 –Minister Ismail

KUALA LUMPUR: Forty two clusters involving 5,800 positive COVID-19 cases were recorded from December 2020 until April 2021following inter-state travels in the country.

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, from April until early May 2021, 11 clusters had been formed and the most classical example was Kelantan where most districts were in green zones but all of a sudden the districts had turned into red zones.

Ismail also mentioned on how a factory worker in Johor Bahru went back to Sarawak and had caused 2,600 people being infected with COVID-19 involving 29 deaths.

“The situations of COVID-19 cases in Sarawak have not been improved until today. With this case as an example, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will not allow the people to travel inter-state in the country.

“The MOH’s move is to protect the lives of the people from COVID-19 infections. There was another case where a family came back from overseas and subsequently the family including the mother and children died due to COVID-19 infections,” he said in a video interview with MalaysiaPost recently.

Ismail said, there are two groups of people, firstly the extreme who wants everything to be closed down like before while the liberal group wants the Ramadan Bazaar to be opened so that the petty traders could earn for Hari Raya expenditures.

He added, it is quite difficult to balance-up the people’s opinions out there.

“The Ramadan Bazaar is very important and beneficial to newly married couples, singles and the Muslims as a whole. The government allows it to be opened to make it easy for the people provided they adhere to the standard operating procedure (SOP) that has been set by the government.

“However the government had decided to close down 22 Ramadan Bazaars for a maximum of three days recently following MySejahtera Apps had recorded positive COVID-19 cases being detected among the people at the Ramadan Bazaars,” Ismail said. –Malaysia World News



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