Five German companies interested in expanding business in Malaysia – PM Anwar


BERLIN: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had a round-table meeting with the captains of industry and businesses involving several sectors that are centered in Germany and operate globally, especially around Europe.

The prime minister in his Facebook post said that the companies involved include B. Braun GmbH, Siemens AG, Bayer AG, Airbus, DHL, Schott AG, Volkswagen, and Infineon Technologies AG.

 “I have utilized the space and the opportunity and gave them the assurance that Malaysia remains as the best destination and choice for investment.

“I also told them that Malaysia remains open and guarantees progressive investment opportunity to investors from Germany.

“Hence investors’ commitments are welcomed to elevate investments in Malaysia and subsequently bring benefit to the people,” he said in his post, on Tuesday.

According to the Tambun Member of Parliament, he then met with five industry and business leaders including Schott AG, X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE, Melexis, Airbus, and Infineon Technologies AG.

“In the meeting all the companies had given feedback related to the investment projects. Some had mentioned their interest in expanding their business in Malaysia.

“With the interaction between the government and the investors, it will give a big opportunity to the country to attract more investments from Germany or countries around Europe,” Anwar said.  

Earlier Anwar met his counterpart, Chancellor Olaf  Scholz in late afternoon, Germany’s time at the Federal Chancellery.

The prime minister said, they had discussed the relationship’s development between Malaysia-Germany especially the cooperation in economy, education, and environment, exports of palm oil and sustainability, and exchange of opinions on the humanitarian crisis in Palestine besides global issues of mutual interests.

Meanwhile, in the joint press conference, Anwar said, he welcomes more German investors to benefit Malaysia’s strategic location in Southeast Asia as the selected investment destination.

“We also urged for a permanent ceasefire to be implemented in Gaza apart from releasing prisoners and immediate humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

“Both parties agreed that there is a need to stop the conflict that has been going on for several decades.

“My appreciation to Chancellor Scholz for the good reception to me and the Malaysian delegates on the first day of Ramadan. I wish the two nations’ relationship will continue to strengthen for mutual benefits,” Anwar said.-Malaysia World News     


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