Media Prima and Mercy Malaysia launched campaigns to assist victims of the Morocco earthquake and Libya flood

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KUALA LUMPUR: Media Prima Bhd and the Malaysian Medical Relief Society (Mercy Malaysia) have launched two campaigns to assist victims of the Morocco earthquake and Libya flood.

According to local reports, the campaigns aim to raise awareness and support for the victims, who have been left homeless and affected by the calamities.

The partnership underscores the importance of collaboration between the private sector and civil society in addressing humanitarian crises.

The devastating earthquake in Morocco has affected over 2,900 people, and the flood in Libya caused over 11,000 deaths, 40,000 displacements, and thousands of missing individuals.

Media Prima Group Managing Director Rafiq Razali said in a statement today, “We are deeply saddened by the calamity that has resulted in the loss of lives, livelihoods, and damage to properties, with millions being left homeless in both countries.

“We will leverage our reach and platforms to raise awareness and support for this cause. We plead with all our generous citizens to support this humanitarian mission. Every donation counts.”

Those who want to help, can donate to the Morocco Earthquake Response and Libya Flood Emergency Relief fund Mercy Malaysia (Maybank: 5621 7950 4126); Mercy Malaysia (CIMB: 8000 7929 08); and Mercy Humanitarian UK (CAF Bank Account: 00022473 Sort Code: 40-52-40).

Donations can be made to Mercy Humanitarian Fund’s Maybank account 5621 7950 4126 or Mercy Malaysia’s CIMB 8000 7929 08.


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