Lost badly in State Elections (PRN), is it the end of UMNO?

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KUALA LUMPUR: For the first time in the history of Malaysia, UMNO has lost badly in the state elections.

Analysts and experts see this failure as a sign that Malaysians, especially the Malays are no longer keen on voting for these party leaders, instead they are now turning to Bersatu and PAS as an alternative.

Winning only 19 seats out of 108 in the state elections is the worst record Umno has ever recorded in history.

This heavy defeat came due to many reasons. According to observers, Malaysians who used to admire and vote for UMNO are now shifting to PN and PAS which are seen working hard to protect Islam and the Malay unity.

UMNO has also lost its majority votes because they split from the PAS that used to be their alliance.

Following UMNO’s disastrous defeat in the state elections on Saturday, the Expert of UMNO’s Supreme Working Council, Isham Jalil, expressed his worry that UMNO continue to lose and disappear, and he warns the party leadership to do something before it’s too late.

“We won one seat in Kelantan, two in Pulau Pinang, two in Selangor, and 14 in Negeri Sembilan. In the other 89 seats we all lost.

“We need to do something. If not, UMNO will continue to lose and perish ahead of PRU-16. We need to do something drastic because we are now in a bitter and critical situation.

“If we don’t do anything, we and the UMNO struggle will vanish on God’s earth. We need to wake up,” said Isham Jalil in a post on his social media.

Talking to voters during the state elections campaigns, Malaysia World News came to understand that most of the Malays in Kedah, Selangor, and other states no longer trust UMNO leaders. They do not trust PH leaders too, including Anwar Ibrahim, and they are left with no choice except either to vote for PAS-PN or not go to the polls at all.

” We still like UMNO, but I will not vote for any UMNO leader at this election,” one voter said.

Asked why voting for PAS or PN, he said many PAS-PN leaders are good, though not good in business, but at least they are honest and have integrity,” he added.

Another two ladies from Kedah, said they vote for PAS because they are Muslims.”

” Pas is not extremist, we are open-minded. Moreover, we are Muslims, we must vote for the PAS,” the two ladies who are holding big positions in some institutions said ahead of the polling day.

PN-PAS are now replacing UMNO as they continue their struggles to fight for integrity, Malay rights, and religion.

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