31 Myanmar citizens attempting to enter Malaysia illegally detained in a rubber estate

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BUKIT KAYU HITAM: Thirty-one Myanmar citizens were detained in a rubber estate at 9.30am, 30th July 2022 for attempting to enter the country via Malaysia-Thailand border using illegal path.

The Division Two Malaysia Infantry Headquarters in its statement said, the 31 illegal immigrants were detained in Op Benteng area under the responsibility of the Sixth Brigade Infantry Malaysia.

“On the day and time of incident, the patrolling team at the Malaysia-Thailand border had detected a group of people suspected to be illegal immigrants who had crossed the country through the border’s fence.

“The crew on duty then continued to follow them and detained 31 people who were hiding in a bushy area in a rubber estate close to the border,” the statement said.

The statement added, after inspection, it was found that they were Myanmar citizens without any valid travelling documents, aged between 18-44 years including 21 males and 10 females.

“Among the things seized were three hand phones, Malaysian and Thailand currencies worth RM967.30 with 31 bags and the total seizures worth estimated at RM2, 467.30. All the illegal immigrants were handed to the Bukit Kayu Hitam Police Station.

“The operation team will continue to increase the control at the national border in order to stop the entry of illegal immigrants and any criminal activities across the border,” the statement said.-Malaysia World News

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