3 things Singapore does so fast to keep Covid-19 under control

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong addressing the nation on May 31, 2021.

The Singaporean Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong,  said there are 3 things that we have to do more of and faster, in order to keep Covid-19 under control and prevent a disastrous outbreak:

1- Testing

2- Contact tracing

3- Vaccinations

Testing and contact tracing will enable Singapore to detect and isolate covid-19 cases quickly before the virus spread further.

As for the vaccination strategy, the Prime minister said, “Our vaccination programme is well advanced.”

“The vaccines are safe and they will keep you safe,” he said in his address to the nation on Monday (May 31).

He added, Singapore will make the vaccination process even more convenient.

“A doctor and a nurse will visit you at your home to give you the vaccination.

“With everybody vaccinated we will prevent a severe and disastrous outbreak .

Singaporeans who have been vaccinated can travel overseas and even can go out without wearing face masks, at least outdoors,” he added.

The next step in the vaccination programme in Singapore is to vaccinate all students first. Booking will open tomorrow.

The next vaccination programme will give priority to all students, as requested by parents.

The minister also pointed out that almost all aged population have been already vaccinated in the Island.

However, in the meanwhile, the Prime Minister urges the people to  “Stay at home, and work from home, and see a doctor immediately, even if u have been vaccinated.”

The situation is under control and Singapore will be able to relax the restriction after the 13th June, he said.





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