Ismail Sabri is a good Prime Minster, why need elections so early?

Many critics say that the political situation in Malaysia were very shaky and unstable during PH and PN, as there were big fights and conflicts between leaders in same party. Most of the internal conficts were about the power. Dr Mahathir post as Prime Minister and head of PH was at stake as there were cold war between him and the PKR presidentt Anwar Ibrahim who wanted the later to hand him the power. Same senario happen when Muhyiddin took over Dr Mahathir who resigned and throw PH goverment due to pressure and internal tensions.

When Mr Muhyiddin took over in 2020- some critics said it was tgrough backdoor tactics- he was eaten by Covid-19 pandemic as well as by incompetent cabinet Ministers he appented, latter on he was thrown by UMNO MPs who withrow support for him.

Then, a Prime Minister was chosen from UMNO party. He is Ismail Sabri, the cool, quiet man that have been jumbing from mountain to mountain (from Ministry to Ministry) to the big post.

He was appointed by the king of Malaysia – after winning majority supports among BN and PN MPs- to become the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Ismail Sabri has done many good things to the nation. He restored calm and political stability in the nation. He also revived the economy by bringing a lot of investiment, and initiating the Malaysian Family concept to overcome the impact of Covid-19 crisis.

Since Ismail took over, there became calm between the opposition and the ruling party, except with some politicians.

Ismail dies not seem to have many enemies or many critics against his plannings or statements or person, except that he loves to wear top expensive attires from top brands like “Prada”.

He was criticized for wearing Prada brands. But that s ok, not much fuss about it.

Ismail is calm man, does not querl or argue even when Umno members are are pressuring him to announce the 15th general election as soon as possible, and even when his dearest friend Former Primer Minister Najib Razak was jailed.

Many people feel peace now, especially investors, as Ismail Sabri is putting the country economy and politics on right track.

Moreover, Ismail seens to be clean and honest. Comparing him to Muhyiddin, ismail is more clean and honest. Muhyiddin sounds a bit creedy about power than Ismail. Muhiddin coukd burn the whole BN coalition and even the country for power. He was campaigning so hard to throw Najib in prison and burn Umno that was his baby. He even tgrow Anwar Ibrahim and all PH from the government. We can not say he is bad guy. Actually, according to him and to others he saved the Dr Mahathir who did not want Anwar to take over.

Muhyiddin has also done very well, he took over when the country abd the world  were sinking in the tombs of covid-19.

It was tough time, and needed strong leader to save the nation from death.

Millions of people were dying and getting hospitalized due to Covid-19. Economy and all bussinesses were shut down. The economy and health system were at stake. Several kockdowns took over. People lost jobs, incomes, and hopes. But Muhyddin, with god’s grace, managed to pull the country out of the crisis.   

‘ During covid-19 crisis and lockdowns, I felt hopes and so calm wherever I saw Muhyiddin in TV channels praying for the safety of the nation and urging everyone to stay calm and  patient.  He used to recite the Quran in his daily briefing on tv, this make us especially Nuslims feel peace and calm at home while we were on lockdown.

Muhyiddin faced a lot of challenges. Besides covid-19 challenges there were the opposition party. Hatred among almost all PH members towards Nuhyiddin because he toppled them and took over.

Muhyiddin was severely criticized for imposing several lockdowns and also declaring emeregency and suspending the parliament for many months, saying the priority was given to covid-19 issues and put politics aside.

He was paised by many and condemned by many. But Malaysia was saved!

Now Malaysia looks at safe hands since Ismail took over, but what will happen is there is a general election soon and Ismail or Umno no more in power?

Who will replace Ismail? The future is unclear!






Graduate with a Master of Mass Communication. 10 years working experience in the media and broadcasting.

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