Malaysian farmers exporting as much chicken as possible to Singapore before the export ban starts June 1

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Malaysian farmers and traders are reportedly exporting as much chicken as possible to Singapore before the export ban kicks in on June 1.

According to The Straits Times, many exporters, farmers, and suppliers in Malaysia are shocked Putrajaya decided to ban the export of chicken from June 1 and they said they had since been rushing to export as much chicken to Singapore as possible.

The newspaper added, some farms are working day and night to arrange for additional deliveries.

The demand for chicken in Singapore is so high. The Malaysia’s ban is likely to empty the supermarket shelves there.

The ban came amid a surge in demand for fresh chicken in Malaysia which led to high prices.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob had announced that the country would ban all exports of chicken until domestic prices and production stabilised.

Current prices of chicken in Malaysia range between at RM8.90 to RM11.90 per kg.

A check by Malaysia World News (MWN) showed processed chicken is now sold out as early as 9am -11am in most ereas around Cheras as elsewhere.

“Only matured chickens that have to be boilt first to make it soft before making a dish are still in stock until evening,” said a grocery shopkeeper.

“The fresh chickens are sold off before 11.00 am every day. This situation has been on since 23rd April 2022.

“Now grocery shop in Cheras only gets half the supply compared to before, ” he said. 



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