Najib says Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin plot to oust him since 2014, even before 1MDB issue

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PETALING JAYA: Former Prime Minister Najib Razak today revealed that Dr Mahathir had pressured him to support his cronies projects.

“I am grateful to him for supporting me to become prime minister, but after that he also put pressure on me to support his cronies’ projects.

“When I refused, he kicked up a fuss and started to plot with Muhyiddin Yassin to oust me  in 2014, even before the 1MDB scandal became an issue,” Najib said in a Facebook post today.

Najib wrote this on his Facebook in response to Mahathir who has recently sent many letters to Johor voters- ahead of the upcoming state elections- in which he openly attacks Najib.

In his second letter to voters in Johor, Mahathir wrote: “Unfortunately, Najib doesn’t have any feeling of shame and even claims to be victimised by others.

“He hopes the Malaysian public will believe that he has been victimised by me and his political enemies,” Mahathir added.

Najib said Dr Mahathir was plotting to topple him since 2014,  before even 1MDB case.

In 2018, Dr Mahathir joined the opposition party Pakatan Harapan – though he was not in good term with the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim – only to topple Najib and Barisan Nasional and took over Putrajaya once again. 

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