Israeli army assassinated senior leader of Islamic Jihad and his wife in Gaza 

Mourners carry the body of Bahaa Abu al-Atta during his funeral procession in the besieged Gaza Strip on 12 November 2019 (MEE/Sanad Abu Latefa)

Bahaa Abu al-Atta, the group’s commander in the northern Gaza Strip, and his wife Asmaa have been assassinated today by Israeli army in an Israeli attack on their house in the east of Gaza City, the Islamic Jihad confirmed.

In a joint statement, the Israeli army and the General Security Agency (Shin Bet) said it had undertaken an air strike at 4am targeting the building where Abu al-Atta and his wife were.

The statement said Abu al-Atta was “the top leader of Islamic Jihad” and that the assassination had been approved by Netanyahu a week ago.

Dozens of missiles were launched into Israel from Gaza as retaliation by Palestinian groups for the killings.

Israeli forces responded with several subsequent strikes in Gaza, killing at least two more Palestinians.

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