Industry 4.0 is crucial for Malaysia to become a high-tech industrial society by 2025-PM Mahathir

Dr Mahathir receives the National Policy on Industry 4.0’ book during the launch gimmick for Industry4 (WRD) yesterday

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday unveiled fresh plans for Malaysia to become a highly industrialized country by 2025.

The plans include manufacturing sector through higher productivity, contribution, innovation and increasing the number of high-skilled workers.

Dr Mahathir stresses the fourth industrial revolution (IR4.0) is a crucial step for Malaysia to become a developed nation.

In relation to innovation, the prime minister envisioned the country to be ranked among the top 30 nations in the Global Innovation Index by 2025. Currently, Malaysia is ranked 35th in the index, the Star reported.

“The potential for growth is limitless, but it all boils down to knowledge on application,” he said in his speech yesterday at the launch of the National Policy on Industry 4.0 (Industry4WRD).

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