PM Najib: “To choose a government is a serious matter”

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Najib razak wishes for new year
Najib Razak.[pic file]
Kuala Lumpur: Differences in opinions are welcomed and it must come along with good attitude and politeness.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said, visiting an old opposition leader at the hospital as a show of sympathy in the hope that he will get well soon, for example, should not be seen as an absurd but instead understood and accepted by people with civilization.

“We do not want to continue the bad ways that were practiced under a former leader,” he said in his New Year 2018 Message on his blog on Sunday, referring maybe to Dr. Mahathir who ruled Malaysia for 22 years.

Najib also cited that a good example has been shown by the PAS leader “Tuan Guru” Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

He said, even though they are in different parties, they cannot push aside all types of differences especially relating to common interests such as the Rohingya and the Palestine issues.

Najib emphasized such situation is a matured politics that will develop and not destroy the country – It helps to unite us, not to divide but focus on what we have together and not use the differences as a weakness.

For the government, he added, diversity is their strength and will never stop to defend it.

“This is a choice that will be decided by the people in the year 2018 – a government that works continuously for the good of the people with a direction and a clear policy to bring Malaysia forward in a short, middle and long-term or choose other party,” he added.

He continued, the people can also choose a party that believes in campaigning negatively with the hope to raise anger and dissatisfaction among the people in order to win votes.        

Najib added they have nothing to offer to the people except a popular dream that could destroy the country.

“To choose a government is a serious matter. We are confident with the people’s wisdom, to be able to see the false promises made by certain people and simultaneously know those who work genuinely for the people through their performance records that they have delivered and continue to deliver,” he said.

Najib added, The World Bank has reported that Malaysian economy will flourish from its stable position and the government expects a healthy growth in 2018 with lesser deficits after taking all the steps to develop the country and to ensure the safety, welfare, and prosperity of the people.-Malaysia World News.

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