RMAF C130 Hercules landed without tyres

RMAF carrier aircraft C130 Hercules made an emergency landing at Labuan International Airport following its landing gear problem.

LABUAN: A Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) carrier aircraft C130 Hercules which encountered a “landing gear” problem had to make an emergency landing without its tyres at 5.15p.m today at the Labuan International Airport.

RMAF in a statement said, following the landing gear problem, the aircraft had not been able to land at the airport in a normal way.

RMAF carrier aircraft C130 Hercules landed without tyres.

“The aircraft had to make an emergency landing after six hours flying around to burn the fuel of the aircraft on air. However, the aircraft managed to land safely without its tyres.

“The pilot officer and crew members did not encounter any injury. The runway is now closed until notified,” said the statement. –Malaysia World News

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