MAF Chief urges the public to join effort with the army to combat  terrorist group `Daesh`

Raja Mohamed Affandi leading the military parade to recite the oath of loyalty to Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the government and to defend the sovereignty of the country at the MAF 84th Anniversary Military Parade in Kem Perdana, Sungai Besi on Monday

KUALA LUMPUR: Chief of Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF), General Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor urges the public to join effort with the army to combat  Daesh (ISIS) influences in the country.

He said, even though many efforts have been made by MAF and other parties concerned but the public’s cooperation to fight the new challenges is still needed.

“The possibilities of Daesh attack are similar to the communists in the earlier years. The difference is that the communists laid booby traps on the roads but nobody knows who the Daesh are.

“There are two questions here, firstly how to address Daesh and secondly how to place the organization and insulate them from any possible attacks.

“Cyber domains have been used for that purpose. For the army personnel, they have been insulated continuously to avoid them from getting hysterical effects,” he said to the media after delivering his speech at a military parade in Kem Perdana, Sungai Besi in conjunction with MAF 84th Anniversary.

He spoke in front of 416 officers, 2,431 army personnel of various ranks representing the Malaysian Army, Royal Malaysian Navy and Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) who were participating in the military parade.

Also present were Secretary General of Ministry of Defence, Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi, Chief of Malaysian Army, General Tan Sri Zulkiple Kassim; Chief of Royal Malaysian Navy, Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badarudin; Acting Chief of RMAF, Lieutenant General Datuk Seri Ackbal Abdul Samad; Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans; retired Chiefs of Armed Forces and Foreign Defence Advisors.

He added, the engineering school has also set up a centre for improvised explosive devices (IED) for the same purpose and any new development will be summarised.     

Earlier in his speech, Raja Mohamed Affandi said, the Malaysian Armed Forces have undergone eight decades of evolution processes.  It had made the Forces very matured – started as an additional team in the British Army and then went through the Second World War.

Raja Mohamed Affandi (right), Zulkiple and Ahmad Kamarulzaman inspecting the military parade in conjunction with the Malaysian Armed Forces 84th Anniversary at Kem Perdana, Sungai Besi on Monday.

The Malaysian Armed Forces he said had gone through two emergency era until they succeeded to fight the communists insurgency and the latest was   the Lahad Datu’s invasion.

“This historical sequence has made the organization very matured and strong despite its relatively young age,” he added.

According to Raja Mohamed Affandi, the armed forces have been transformed following the 4th Dimension Malaysian Armed Forces Strategic Plan (4D MAF). The Plan has underlined the parameters for the development of the Armed Forces as a whole and recently was redrafted to be extended to year 2050.

Meanwhile he said, the Armed Forces development is guided under the core and the direction of the Ministry of Defence so as to streamline with its hopes and aspirations.

He added, five cores have been identified and four of them are related to MAF. The cores are Preparedness, Security, Welfare and Defence Diplomacy.

Regarding the new assets that have been acquired by MAF these few years, Raja Mohamed Affandi said, the government have given what is suitable and usable for them apart for their safety and to do what they wish to do.

“We have given the best to our ability and we hope they can perform their job excellently,” he said. –Malaysia World News



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