Shazia, the first Malaysian makeup artist to conduct master class in Dubai

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Shazia Akhtar Mohamed Salim will be the first Malaysian Celebrity Makeup Artist who excels to the international level with her signature in eye makeup and her best makeup tricks.

She shares her future plan in an exclusive interview with Malaysia World News today.

Her next project will be in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates where she will be conducting a master class in makeup on the 12th and 13th May.

With this project, Shazia will be the first Malaysian Celebrity Makeup Artist taking her signature eye makeup to the international level.

“I hope to meet new people and get new experience in the new trends and culture in Dubai,” she said

She was chosen to conduct the masterclass in Dubai because of her signature and unique eye makeup that she created, mainly stone eye makeup or glamorous Rhinestone eye makeup.

Asked about what would be the best makeup that girls like, she said, the best makeup is what makes a person’s skin look healthy, glowing, smooth, and also elegant.

Featuring Beggy, a former model, Shazia demonstrates how she can bring a sleeping beauty into a lively stand out beauty by applying the latest trend in makeup.

She also showed a trendy makeup style which she called “Eye Stone with a Barbie hair look.”

Before the makeover, Beggy looked really terrible in nude lipstick and wilt hair—she looked like she was dead for years. She looked so pale – really need help!

Some ladies really think they look like ghosts without a beautiful makeup, Beggy said.

eye stone make upss
Rhinestone eye makeup with Barbie hair look

Beggy has a nice facial feature. She just needs some makeup to enhance her beauty to look more gorgeous, said Shazia.

After 30 minutes, Beggy looked different. Can’t believe, it was a total transformation- she turned into a lively beauty look, just with a simple and skillful touch.

Shazia uses lip crayons in bright pink and red shades – some Burt’s Bees lip balm that gives her lips a sexy pouty shape. She places some shiny like diamond tiny stones on top of the eyelashes, which demonstrates her signature in Rhinestone eye makeup.

Shazia is one of the well-known makeup artists in Malaysia. Her techniques are adopted from an international, mixed with a Malaysian Bollywood touch.

She tries her best to bring her style to the international level and add more trends to the Malaysian makeup industry.

“I believe I can bring a new look to Malaysia,” she said.

“Most Malaysian ladies go for simple smoky eye look and curly, messy hairstyle, which is the trend here. Arabic heavy makeup with sharp eyes look is not in Malaysia yet,’’ she added.

She has been in this line for eight years since 2009 when she went to the Academy of Makeup in Melbourne, Australia.

However, Shazia attributes her success in her career to her mother and husband.

“I would like to thank my mom and husband (Daniel) for being supportive in making my career successful,” she said.

For her, this career is very interesting and profitable as she can make a lot of money from it.

The prices she charges range from RM300 to RM450. For those attending a party or an event and for a bride in a wedding or celebrities going on stage would pay up to RM2,000 per session.

To the delight of makeup lovers, Shazia has recently launched her own line of glitter eye makeup ‘DS Smokey Glitter Pallet ‘ which is available online through her Facebook page:

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