PixXie: Confidence is the best make-up you can wear

PixXie - Malaysian Model
PixXie – Malaysian Model

MW News Fashion Journalista (reporter) has just had an exclusive interview with the hot model, PixXie.

“PixXie is the name given by my dad, and I am the 1st child in my family”, said the biotechnology student, 24, from Kuala Lumpur, while introducing herself.   

Not many people know who`s this Malaysian, pretty, hot model, PixXie, but those who often attend corporate shows such as car launch events would easily recognise her at first glance as she is always there on high heels 

She started modelling quite late compared to other models, but she can do her most looks.

 “The reason I started modelling late is because I thought that I was not even close to the beauty standard of today’s society.

That`s so humble of her to say, but why does she think so?

“I have tan skin, and my eyes are not big and round as other pretty girls,” she replied.

However, the past 3 years of modelling experience have thought her something… confidence is the key word to succeed in this most challenging world of modelling industry!

” Finally I found out that `confidence` is the best make-up you can wear on stage or even just in a photograph,” she said. 
 PixXie started as a  freelance model and soon she`s gotten opportunities being under the camera lights of many photographers.

Her face features are not ideal for photography, as she said she does not have big eyes that fit photography photogenic standard, but her sexy body and poses would attract most photographers.

Besides being a model for Automotives she has been also a role as a brand ambassador for a few companies and brands, and participated in many fashion catwalks.

– Malaysia World News/ Fashion Journalista

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