Mrs Malaysia World Jenet Foo to contest in China

Mrs Malaysia World ( Jenet Foo) and Mrs Borneo World ( June Yap) arrived in China, complete at Mrs World Grand Final
Mrs Malaysia World ( Jenet Foo) and Mrs Borneo World ( June Yap) arrived in China, Dongguan…to complete at Mrs World Grand Final

Kuala Lumpur, 5th March – Mrs Malaysia World 2015, Jenet Foo, and Mrs Borneo World 2015 June Yap have flown to Dongguan, China to represent Malaysia in the Mrs World 2016 Grand Finale that will be held on 12 March 2016.

The Concept of Mrs. World has its roots as one of the most established and most regarded universal magnificence rivalries, David Marmel, the founder of Mrs World said. While magnificence is the key component, competitors are additionally encouraged to voice their feelings about marriage and current occasions.

Every single wedded woman, youthful wives, moms, and even grandmas are qualified to partake. By giving this remarkable discussion, in which assigns from around the globe can meet up and share a typical reason, Mrs. World effectively cultivates more noteworthy correspondence, kinship, and shared comprehension among all individuals.

Mrs Borneo World, June
Mrs Borneo World 2016- June Yap

Throughout the years, the Mrs. World Pageant has held in numerous entrancing areas around the globe including Australia, America, Hawaii, Las Vegas, India, Russia, Vietnam, and this year it is held in China.

Mrs. World 2016 will be full steam ahead in Dongguan, China from 1st till 12 March, 2016 at Goodview Hotel Tangxia. The excellence rivalry is to locate the most delightful wedded ladies from everywhere throughout the world. Malaysian/Borneo delegate Janet Foo and June Yap are currently certainly putting their best foot forward in the said competition.

Jenet Foo, Mrs Malaysia World
Jenet Foo – Mrs Malaysia World 2016

Janet said in her Facebook, ” Mrs Malaysia World 2015 is a stage for her to inspire and be inspired…Beauty is not in the face, but in light heart”

In an interview with MW News, Sharon Too, the Pageant Director of Mrs Malaysia World and other few titles mainly Mrs Asia International and Mrs Malaysia Asia International and Mrs Chinatown International, said Mrs World challenge is about magnificence, as well as self-assurance and cultural exchange.

“Typically when the competitors join Mrs Malaysia World challenge interestingly for the first time, some of them do not have some basic abilities such as public speaking, healthy lifestyle habits starting from diet to regular exercises… however we do all our best to change them into more exquisite, elegant women.

Some of them join because they want to make more friends or improve themselves or build a platform for themselves. Some others have passion for beauty pageants though have kids and husbands, they  really admire those beauty queens and they want to be like them. Or some of them feel boring at home and they want to involve in some activities so they join,  added Sharon.

” We give them training like Catwalk, posture, and simple make-up training. At the first session, we know who must slim down, so we will ask them to go diet… we also train them on how to handle themselves and how to have a self – introduction about themselves,  till the grand final night.

They will attend the training every week that we provide them, Sharon said. “I can tell you…it helps a lot not only to improve their physical look but also their relationship with their hubby and kids. When their husbands see them on the stage they feel so touch,” said Sharon in an exclusive interview with Malaysia World News.


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