20 military personnel investigated on alleged group robbery in Semporna, Sabah

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KUALA LUMPUR: Chief of Defence Forces, General Tan Sri Affendi Buang, (RMAF) confirms the report concerning the case of 20 military personnel being investigated to assist the Royal Police Malaysia (RPM) in an alleged group robbery in Semporna, Sabah in two incidents on 15th and 18th Aug.2022.

The Malaysian Armed Forces Headquarters, Public Affairs Division –J7 in its statement said, MAF leaves the case to the authorities and will cooperate fully in assisting the investigation process for further action.

“MAF will not compromise with any party in issues involving crime or displinary violation especially among the MAF family. This assertiveness is very important because it could tarnish the image of MAF as an organisation that embraces the integrity concept in implementing the work that had been entrusted by the country,” the statement added.

The statement said all parties are requested not to make any speculation or any statement as it could disturb the investigation process of the case. –Malaysia World News

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