UMNO leaders with charges in court should step down – Tan Sri Muhammad

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SHAH ALAM: Any UMNO leader who have been charged in the court should “rest” from the party or step down as it has given bad perception among the people.

Former UMNO Vice-President, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said, failure to do that will affect the reputation of UMNO and the support from the people.

“It has been the tradition of UMNO where any party leader who have been charged in the court to step down from the party,” said Muhammad as quoted by a weekly edition newspaper, Mingguan Malaysia today.

Muhammad added, the UMNO leaders with charges in the courts and after the trials if found not guilty could return to the party.Muhammad who is also the Advisor of Selangor UMNO said, they should “rest” like what the leaders had done before.

“Nowadays, I see whether they are in the government or the opposition they will remain as leaders even though they have been “smeared”, said Muhammad in a special interview with the newspaper recently.

Muhammad also highlighted that even though there is no mention in the UMNO Constitution that a leader who has been charged in the court should “rest” but it has been UMNO tradition for any party leader facing charges will voluntarily step down while waiting for the result of the investigation..-Malaysia World News

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