Two books launched on national symbols, report card on ministry’s achievement in one year

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PUTRAJAYA MAR 16: Two important books namely “Respect the national symbol of greatness” and the “One year report card of the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia March 2020-March 2021” were launched here today.

The Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Dato’Saifuddin Abdullah launched the book “Respect the great national symbols” following the decision of the Cabinet Meeting on 1st July 2020 in view of several incidents on how the symbols had been abused by a group of irresponsible individuals that went viral in the social media.

“The minister in his speech said, the 60 page book is educational and could be referred by the society as a source of information about history, philosophy, and the value of every symbol including “Jata Negara”, Malaysian flag “Stripes of Glory”, the equipment symbolising the greatness of the Malay rulers and official portraits.

“This book also explains in a simplified form on the law and the ethiques of using the national symbol of greatness. This book will also increase the knowledge, understanding and the spirit for loving the country among the Malaysians,” said Saifuddin.

The Ministry has also published the report card book and among others informing about the challenging COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the country and as such the ministry had made plans that are more focused on the importance of the digital global development and the current needs based on the ministry’s objectives to lead “intelligence” in the society.

In the last one year, the ministry had also implemented five main strategies namely National Digital Network Plan (JENDELA), strengthening the national cyber security, increasing the digital economic activities among the society, the implementation of the Creative Industry Stimulas Package (PRISMA) for the industrial players and activists to remain in the business and to promote the national “nasyid” through the organisation of Malaysian Nasyid Award (ANAM) 2020.

Meanwhile Saifuddin had also explained that the people could refer to the District Information Department if they have doubts in the usage of the national greatness symbols as the Department is always in contact with the Ceremony Division.

On the Ordinance gazetted to combat fake news, Saifuddin said, actions will only be taken on false news relating to the vaccines and the emergency. Fake news is different from political critics and it should not be taken wrongly.

“As a democratic country politicians are allowed to criticise on issues and it is different from fake news. The Ordinance is to protect the people from being cheated for example news on the contents of vaccines from China that are said to be banned in Islam (haram). The people become afraid to the extent they do not register with MySejahtera for COVID-19 vaccination.

The Ordinance is to protect the people and not the politicians or the government,” said Saifuddin in a press conference after the book launching event.-Malaysia World News

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