More women should be given the roles of decision maker to boost their leadership –PM Muhyiddin

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PUTRAJAYA MAR.8: Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin urged the Public Service Department and the Ministry of Human Resources to look into the possibility of expanding the viability of working from home for female workers.

He said, this new norm is to enable the women to increase work productivity and encourage shared responsibility with the male employees.

“This could be applied both in the public services and private sectors by giving full salaries to those involved in taking care of ill family members and supporting wives with newborn babies.

“I have asked the related parties to conduct a study of whether the possibility of working from home could be opened to women or men whose spouses have died.

“This is to provide ample time for them to manage matters relating to the deaths which is normally taking quite some time to be resolved,” said Muhyiddin today.

Muhyiddin said that when delivering his speech virtually in conjunction with Women’s Day Celebration 2021 with the theme “Wanita Bangkit Mendepani Cabaran” that was broadcasted on RTM1 here today.

The Prime Minister also urged all parties to provide a safe working environment for women besides ensuring efforts to deter sexual harassments are in place.

Regarding the support and treatment for women workers in the employment market, Muhyiddin said, there must be efforts for planning, implementing, monitoring and programme evaluation using gender analysis through a gender responsive budget.

“The people in the related sectors should take advantage to provide nurseries in the public and private sectors as the government has provided grants o provide this facility as it has multiple impacts to many parties,” said Muhyiddin.

Meanwhile, to be in line with the UN Women Celebration’s theme “Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 World, Muhyiddin said, the women should also be given the roles as decision makers according to their expertise to boost women leadership.

He added, the government has provided incentives in the form of business capital injection called MyKasih Kapital to empower women in the business sectors.

“The incentive could be utilised in businesses like e-commerce or dropship with RM1, 000 maximum capitals each for at least 2,000 qualified recipients.

“The Skuad WAJA with the participation of women in the communities will be set up to provide psychsocial support and to elevate awareness on crime issues and to stop violence against women besides strengthening their knowledge on women’s rights”, said Muhyiddin. –Malaysia World News


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