Malaysian Navy drove out 25 fishermen’s boats for intruding into Malaysian waters

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KUALA LUMPUR 25 JAN:- KD Mahawangsa owned by the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) had successfully drove out 25 boats belonging to the Indonesian fishermen that had intruded into the Malaysian waters at about 52 nautical miles South-East Pulau Perak today afternoon.

RMN in its statement said, KD Mahawangsa was on its Op Benteng’s implementation at Sector 3 when it received information from Air Component Commander, Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) about the foreign fishermen’s boats intruding into Malaysian waters.

“As soon as the information was received, KD Mahawangsa had moved to the observation position and saw 25 boats belonging to the Indonesian fishermen were without registration numbers but with Indonesian flags were on the Malaysian waters,” said the statement.

The statement added, KD Mahawangsa had took the action to drive out all the Indonesian fishermen’s boats away from the Malaysian waters and then it went patrolling in the North Straits of Melaka to stop the intrusion of other foreign fishermen’s boat into the Malaysian waters.

“RMN will always empower the Op Benteng by working together with several maritime agencies under the National Task Force (NTF) to strengthen the Malaysian waters at the national borders from the intrusions of illegal immigrants (PATI) into the country.

“The presence of RMD that operates 24/7 is to stop illegal immigrants from entering and also to avoid the transmissions of COVID-19 pandemic into the country,” added the statement.-Malaysia World News

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