Gyeonggi-do Province provides tourists attractions, opportunities for new companies to grow and hub for heavy industries

Lee Jae-myung, Governor of Gyeonggi-do Province

Seoul: In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Journalists Association of Korea (JAK) based in Seoul had successfully hosted the World Journalists Conference 2020 via online and was participated by 100 journalists from over 50 countries on 14th -16th September 2020.

The global event would not be successful without the help and assistance from their co-hosting partners namely the Governor of Gyeonggi-do Province, Lee Jae-Myung and Mayor of Suwon City, Yeom Tae-Young.

Lee Jae Myung is the governor since 2018 and the Mayor of Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province from 2014-2018 while Yeom Tae-Young is the Chairman of the National Association of Mayors of Korea (July 2019) and now the Supreme Council Member, Democratic Party of Korea (Aug.2020).

The Gyeonggi Province has played important role since 18 BCE when Korea was divided into three kingdoms and now still plays vital role in tourism, business, eco and technology in current day South Korea.

YEOM Tae-young, Mayor of Suwon City

The province is a hub for industry in Korea and ranges from heavy industry like chemical steel, electronics, machinery and textile industry.

It has the fastest Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) growth rate compared with other provinces and Seoul Special City Industry is evenly spread around the province and consists of Suwon Samsung Semiconductor, Hyundai KIA in Uiwang, Paju’s LG Corporation and LCD Complex Icheon’s SK Hynix.

With an active population of 7.29 million, it has 68,000 factories and the centre of high-tech semiconductor industry of South Korea and ranks second in the world covering over 16% of the whole global market.

The province provides opportunities for the people to lead a better life. Due to the promising environment, 25,000 new companies were opened in 2018.This contributes 24% of all the new companies in South Korea.

Additionally, new venture companies based in the province apply for an excellence award. The award ceremony is held every year and encourages people to open their company in Gyeonggi-do.

Apart being the centre for economic activities, the province is also known worldwide for its famous destinations ranging from stunning nature amusement parks to excellent shopping facilities and captivating historic sites.

The Korean Folk Village and Suwon Hwaseong Fortress are excellent touristic areas which are rich in Korean traditional culture.

The Korean Folk Village is a living museum type and it showcases different classes of people used to live during Joseon Dynasty. The village first opened in 1971and has 260 traditional houses spreads over 250 acres of land which is also a popular location for filming Korean dramas and movies.

Gyeonggi-do is also the first to start a basic income program for youngsters living in the province. The programme began in 2019 and will continue over the upcoming years.

The program provides around 1 million Won a year to 24years old in 2019 and the province is looking to provide this basic income to all young people regardless of age. They should have lived in Gyeonggi-do for at least three years.

Meanwhile Suwon is the capital city of Gyeonggi-do province. It has a population of 1.24 million out of which 40,628 are foreigners, 73,441 economic and business companies with 449,540 employees, 221 schools, 99 elementary schools, 56 middle schools, 46 high schools, 7 universities and 3 special schools. –Malaysia World News.

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