RS Medik Niaga sponsors high quality face masks to the finalists of Mrs/Miss Plus World Malaysia


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Raj and Dr Simran (left) with the finalists of Miss Plus World Malaysia 2020 during press conference.

RS Medik Niaga, a specialised medical and non-medical supplies company spearheaded and operated by two young local entrepreneurs, Mr Rajat Chhabra and Dr Simran Kaur, has recently made history and achieved a milestone despite being a young start-up when it sponsored and supplied a special premium and exclusive fabric masks under the brand ARISTA & HIGHLIGHTS to 26 contestants of Miss World Plus Malaysia 2020.

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RS Medik Niaga has specially designed multiple types of masks for the pageant. One is a white base 100% pure silk mask with ear loops & silicone stopper, and the other one is in black made from hydrophobic (splash proof) material with head loops to give the finalists the comfort they need for their outdoor sessions.

These fabric masks come with multiple variations; 6 Layers, 5 Layers and 4 Layers with interchangeable filters and can be equipped with ear loops and or head loops. All the fabric masks can be personally customized while maintaining quality without comprising safety, which can be assured by their multiple certificates; CE, FDA, ISO, GMP & NIOSH.

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According to Mr. Rajat Chhabra, the mask is manufactured from premium cotton and is suitable for any adult or child in any condition or weather.

The mask comes in the highest quality and is subjected to quality checks (QC) before being released to the public. All works and designs carried out on these custom made masks are situated in a clean and sterile manufacturing and packing environment.

“We have full certification and we are the first to have a NIOSH Certification for fabric mask in the world. We follow close protocol and regulation/guidelines.

“The mask is suitable for everybody, for all occasions and at any time. It could be for personal and family use and also as a gift as it comes individually packed boxes” said Rajat Chhabra in an interview with Malaysia World News recently.

Their other products include multipurpose wipes, sanitizers, detergents & a whole range of other products.

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Raj has also brought into Malaysia the new trend of dissolvable hand soap sheets available in various scents like; Rose, Lemon, Jasmine, Ocean breeze, Strawberry & many others. These paper-thin soap sheets dissolve almost instantly, giving you a handful of cleansing suds anywhere.

Wearing face mask is a global phenomenon today as it has become the standard operating procedure (SOP) set by the World Health Organization (WHO) to protect oneself from the deadly COVID-19 infection, therefore their masks have been designed to look elegant as they come in various different prints to choose from, also giving a comfortable fit and being affordable for everyone.

There is an abundant supply of face masks in the market with different grades and prices depending on the usage. Majority of the people will use face masks today mainly to adhere to the SOP set by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia.

However, some people prefer to wear high quality masks, washable, trendy, fashionable, exquisite, and comfortable to wear and most importantly is certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Seeking potential distributors to join their team, promoting a smooth growth, these young entrepreneurs invite those interested, to contact +60166496890 or +60102175474, website:, FB/Instagram: rsmedikniaga


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