26 finalists to compete at Miss Plus World Malaysia and Ms Plus Intercontinental Malaysia 2020

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Kuala Lumpur, 19 September: 14 finalists of the prestigious Miss Plus World Malaysia 2020 and 12 finalists of the Ms Plus Intercontinental Malaysia 2020 will compete in the Grand Finals Gala Night on December 12 at Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The two winners of Miss Plus World Malaysia 2020 and Ms Plus Intercontinental Malaysia 2020 will represent Malaysia on the international stage at the Miss Plus World pageant that will be held in Texas, United States of America (USA) next year.

Present at the press conference were Datuk Noripah Kamso, Former Chairman of Bank Rakyat and Board Director of Top Glove Corporation Bhd, Datin Nur Sharmila Dato Seri Shaheen, Executive Director of Securiforce Logistic Sdn. Bhd.Datin Norzihan Latt, Founder of Sheikhahub, and Ms Suraya Godwinson Vice President of Dunheved Group Limited UK.

Also attended were Gina Frias and Andrew Jackson from Gina Frias London Limited, Amanda Jane Russell, Lieutenant Governor Division 1 Kiwanis, Seeya Manoj Nair Influencer and plus-size model, Mr Patrick Goi, Founder of PANGOI, UK Plus Size Designer Uvaraani (Uvaa), and Many MPWM`s collaborating teams and partners.

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Datin Nur Sharmila and Datuk Noripah attending the MPWM press conference (September 19).
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Fro left: Mr Patrick Goi, Mr Ziinine, Miss Seeya, Datuk Noripah, Ms Gina Frias, Datin Norzihan Latt, Ms Amanda Jane, Datin Nur Sharmila, and Mr Andrew Jackson

The finalists are of diverse backgrounds and interests. They depict the multi-racialand multicultural backgrounds of the Malaysians. They come from all over thestates in Peninsular Malaysia right up to Sabah in East Malaysia. Among them arelawyers, doctors, and many professional ladies.

The Executive National Director of Miss Plus World Malaysia (MPWM), Mr.Ziinine AS. Britshi said in his welcoming speech, the contestants represent all the races in Malaysia namely the Malays, Chinese, Indian, and others.

” This pageant is for all Malaysian plus size ladies, regardless of age, race, religion,and color.

” We are creating a sisterhood system for our Malaysian plus size ladies that is based on friendship, compassion and love,” he said.

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Finalists of Miss Plus World Malaysia and Ms Plus Intercontinental Malaysia 2020.

Miss Plus World Malaysia promotes a continuous physical and humanitarian activities and a healthy lifestyle through education and opportunity.

Miss Plus World Malaysia is dedicated to promoting, elevating and celebrating the accomplishments and humanitarian services of women from across the nation.

“It is our goal to build a sisterhood of confident and influential women who share their cultures with each other and the world as they promote education, peace, wellness, and worldwide appreciation of diversity.

“Our selected finalists, not only beautiful, but they are role models of equity,leadership, and elegance. Some of the contestants are very talented; they can sing, dance, and play several musical instruments. We will manifest their talents at theGrand Finale Gala Night.” he added.

Throughout the nationwide search that was conducted in Kuala Lumpur over a span of 4 months, the finalists were selected based on how good they were as role models as one of the criteria. They had been selected from two-day audition sessions held on 29-30 August 2020 at Sunway Putra Hotel, with the presence ofexpert judges who are well versed in modeling and fashion industry as well ashumanitarian work.

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“The response we received had been incredible with over 800 applications from allover Malaysia. It was so difficult to narrow the number to 26 contestants, as many of them are so good.”

This will be the first year Malaysia is participating in the international plus size pageant, Miss Plus World.

The contestants will be expecting a very challenging competition ahead of them, as all of them are not only beautiful, intelligent and talented but also with professional backgrounds.

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The contestants will undergo two months intensive training session includingcatwalk, styling, public speaking and community engagement. They will also beengaged in humanitarian work. They will also learn about the world`s diplomacyand peace.

The finalists of the prestigious Miss Plus World Malaysia 2020 are:- Melissa Tyndall, Aleena Shahmann, Helenah Abdul Hatta, Jeishwari Balbir Singh, Nicol Gomez, Punitha Peruma, Nadia Rosli, Tun Fiqa, Emilia Josephine Masiun,Abiramy Ramasamy, Dayshendri P.Pecquan, Lianne Alychia Hendriks, Belinda Halime and Maira Tajudin.

The finalists of the Ms Plus Intercontinental Malaysia 2020 are:- Shakti Chhabra,Zuria Salmi Nik Mat, Jasvin Kaur, Riena Azmi, Zeenat Malik, Ratanamala Thannimalay, Shahrizad Ismail, Sugitha Kunjanman, Eliza Fiza Zulkifle, Kristen Priya Pillai, Zulieanna Piaruddin and Jastina Mohd. Junus.

“We will also be awarding a MPWM Humanitarian Ambassadorship from Kiwanis for the woman who shows her commitment to making Malaysia a better place to stay.

“Furthermore, we will also bestow the most photogenic contestant with the subsidiary title of `MPWM CoverGirl 2020`,” said Ziinine who is also a lecturer and a journalist by profession.
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Ziinine A.S giving speech at the MPWM press conference, Sunway Putra Hotel 19th September.
Before the Gala dinner, the contestants will visit a range of welfare homes around Malaysia and a fund raising campaign will be launched where part of the proceeds will be donated to selected down syndrome and underprivileged children homes in the country.
In collaboration with Malaysia World News, Sunway Putra Hotel and C&N Productions, MPWN is planning to hold a glamorous, wonderful finals gala in Kuala Lumpur to select and crown two beautiful Malaysian plus size ladies that will have all the potentials, beauty and confidence to compete overseas and bring the international crown to Malaysia and make all Malaysians proud.
MPWM does not promote or have any bikini or swimming suit session, instead it promotes only the elegant and top fashions including the national and cultural fashions besides elegant gowns and attires.
“This great platform does not only promote and celebrate Malaysian ladies’ beauty, intelligence, leadership, sisterhood and confidence, but also promotes Malaysia `s beauty, culture and tourism. We want to show to the world how great Malaysia is!”
Gina Frias also expressed her excitement and delight in the collaboration with MPWM. They are sponsoring world-class, fashionable gowns to the top five and the two winners of Miss Plus World Malaysia.
“Andrew and I joined Miss and Mrs World Plus Malaysia because we love the message that says. There isn’t enough awareness and pageants that support body positivity. We come from a society that thinks your waistline defines your
“Frankly speaking, anyone that has followed my story knows that I have been blessed enough to participate in some of the most exclusive fashion shows around the world… from London to New York… from Paris to the Cannes Film Festival.
“Empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness but rather from selflessness,” Gina said in her speech at the press conference.
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Many other fashion designers, including Pangoi and Uva are also collaborating with MPWM and they are sponsoring fashionable outfits for the contestants during the finals.
“Pangoi is honored to be part of this prestigious event and we will sponsor the 26 beautiful contestants with very elegant, fashionable Batik apparels during the final gala dinner Q&A session. We, Pangoi, shall collaborate with Miss Plus World Malaysia to make a great, glamorous gala night.
“Big is beautiful. That’s how Pangoi seized the opportunity for a plus size custom-
made Batik collection in line with the launch of the Pangoi plus size collection,” said Patrick, Pangoi founder and owner who has seven Pangoi outlets in Malaysia.
The vision of the Miss Plus World Malaysia Pageant is to showcase the diversity,
creativity, leadership, style, grace, and beauty of women from across the world.
While the objectives are to increase interest in healthy lifestyle, leadership, raise funds for underprivileged children, refugees, homeless, old folks and public education on the importance of exercise, healthy lifestyle, women empowerment, and generate a spirit of community involvement and volunteerism. -Malaysia World News

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