25 illegal immigrants detained in an ambush in Johor

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KUALA LUMPUR: The First Batallion Team of the Royal Ranger Regiment (1RRD) with the assistance of the Royal Police Malaysia (RPM) had detained 25 illegal immigrants in an ambush at the beach of Tanjung Lompat, Desaru, Johor at 5.40am on September 2, 2020.

“From the 25 individuals detained, 17 including eight males and nine females were illegal immigrants who wished to return to Indonesia while four males justarrived and four others were suspected to be the “masters ”, said the Malaysian Third Division Infantry Headquarters, Terendak Camp, Melaka in its statement yesterday.

The statement added, an ambush was launched at 5.40am when the enforcementteams saw two boats were trying to land and pick up the illegal immigrants at the beach.

The enforcement team had seized a fibre boat with the capacity of three engines 200 HP while all the illegal immigrants were handed to the police for further actions.

According to the statement, following the information received from Kota Tinggi RPM and with the assistance of the radar vehicle, “Perisai Gempita” of the Second Royal Armoured Corps, (2KAD), the enforcement teams had successfully traced two boats entering the Malaysian waters.

“The boats had tried to land and picked the illegal immigrants at the Tanjung Lompat beach around 4.45am,” said the statement.-Malaysia World News

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