Claiming Sabah belongs to the Philippines is an issue played up by some politicians, says Minister


KUALA LUMPUR AUG 27: The proposal made by Rufus B.Rodriguez to include Sabah Territory and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) for 200 mile printed in the map and on the front page of the Philippines’ passport was not the official stand of the government of the Philippines but a continued polemics done intentionally aimed to gain political support.

Deputy Foreign Minister, Datuk Kamarudin Jaffar said, the Federal government through the Foreign Ministry is consistently taking seriously any issues concerning the national sovereignty including Sabah and stands firmly not to entertain any claim from the Philippines.

“I urge the leaders at the state and federal level not to further confuse the situation for their personal political interests.

“The Ministry will continue discussing the issue with the related ministries, agencies and the government of Sabah before deciding on options that will be implemented,” said Kamarudin.

Kamarudin was elaborating on the motion put forward by the Member of Parliament for Batu Sapi, Datuk Liew Vui Keong at the the Dewan Rakyat today.

The motion was on the latest development in the Philippines Government via the Committee on Foreign Affairs of Philippines of the Philippine House of Representative in approving the Council Bill 6399 to propose the inclusion of Sabah Territory and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) for 200 mile in the map and on the front page of the Philippines’ passport.

Kamarudin said he would like to stress that the government is aware and takes such issue seriously and will not be shaken and compromise in defending the sovereignty and the wholeness of Malaysia.

The claim on Sabah by the Philippines said Kamarudin is an issue played up by some politicians from the Luzon islands to express their patriotism but in reality it is cosmetic in nature in the effort to gain support from the people in South Philippines and often rose before the general election.

“We regard this issue as a political game, worthless effort and irresponsible act. This act clearly shows the insensitivities and not considering the good relationships between Malaysia and the Philippines,” said Kamarudin.-Malaysia World News

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