Malaysian Students can now study `Digital Media & Broadcast Journalism` at YPC International College, Kuala Lumpur

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YPC International College students at digital media and broadcasting studio – Photo: Malaysia World News (MWN)

Kuala Lumpur, 17 August 2020 – From television and film to audio and mobile communication, modern life is being reshaped by the digital media and communication environment. As such, YPC International College has introduced and added the Digital Media and Broadcasting course to its diploma programs menu.

“Malaysian students have now the opportunity to study digital media and broadcast journalism here in Malaysia, without going overseas. This exciting program is now available here at YPC, Kuala Lumpur.

“Students of Digital Media and Broadcasting will learn how to demonstrate an understanding of the role and function of digital media in creating, designing news, films, using graphics, camera, sound, interactive media, and a range of software, as well as demonstrating a practical understanding of the world wide web news and broadcasting,” said YPC Principal Datuk Dr. Noel Robert.

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YPC International College students at digital media and broadcasting studio – Photo: Malaysia World News (MWN)

In broadcast news, the internet has become a key to convergence. Today, most broadcast journalists write stories for the Web, usually accompanied by the graphics, video and sound of the original story. Websites offer the audience an interactive form where they can learn more about a story, share, and comment. Today, 90% of news readers are getting their news and information from the internet via smartphones and computers.

News bulletins and programmes that used to be available only on television and radio sets are now available on the phone and computer. News reports that were once presented to viewers and listeners only at certain times of day in a running order decoded by editors and producers now appear on social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, email alerts, and specialist websites, whenever you want them. (Gary Hudson, Sarah Rowlands, 2012).

As Andrew Marr said once in his Hugh Cudlipp lecture, we are witnessing “the replacement of a largely written culture by a culture largely composed of spoken words and moving images”. The nature of broadcast journalism is changing as more people turn to online sources of media. This means that traditional broadcast journalism jobs may become fewer or change dramatically. Learning new skills and keeping up with popular online broadcast journalism trends and technologies is the best way to ensure future job security.

This course is mixed theoretical and practical. Students will learn how to find a story, how to tell stories, how to write news and articles, how to create stunning digital content, how to film on camera, and most importantly they will learn how to interview important people and report news like professional broadcast journalists.

Students will be also exposed to digital media and online journalism where they can learn how to use new technologies in reporting and publishing news and features.


This course is designed for students who want to become broadcast journalists, tv presenters, video producers, or communicators. They can work either with traditional media such as TV or Radio, with online media such as online TV, or both.

“The training provided here is very realistic and up-to-date, designed to allow students to find their dream job immediately after graduation.

“We give students all the skills and tools required by the job market,” Datuk Noel Robert added.

Students of broadcast and digital media not only learn about classical news writing, reporting, and filming, but they also learn how to use the new technologies in disseminating news and information on the internet and mobile platforms to cope with this digital era.

“We equip students with the most current knowledge and skills to ensure that the future generations are well prepared to face the progressive and ever-changing world of tomorrow.

“At YPC, we teach UK degree programs. Since 2005, YPC International College has been in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom to offer Bachelor’s Degree programmes to students, and subsequently Masters’ Degree programmes, “said Dr Noel.

This future-minded program, tools, and technology are for today’s generation to face the challenges of the 21st century.

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