YPC International College and friends donate PPE to Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz UKM (HCTM)

Datuk Dr Noel Robert handling PPE donation to Yasmin Rahimi, HCTM (Thursday , June 4)

YPC International College and friends have donated 1,000 personnel protective equipment (PPE) to the Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz, UKM (HCTM) recently as an appreciation of the tireless effort and risk faced by medical staffs and other front liners who sacrifice their lives in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Principal of YPC International College, Datuk Noel Robert handed the donation to Senior Manager Corporate Development (HCTM), Yasmin Rahimi in a very meaningful and historical event that denotes the community’s appreciation for the front liners’ endless hard work in curbing the COVID-19 infections.

After the presentation, Datuk Noel in a statement said the staff of YPC and well wishers are committed to supplying 6,000 PPE to HCTM in the near future.

To help Malaysia cope with personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage problems amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are taking initiatives in donating and assisting front liners.

Datuk Noel calls upon those who are interested to help the Ministry of Health (MOH) make more PPE available for health care workers to contact YPC International College at this No: 03-92833799.

“If you wish to be part of the “HCTM PPE Donation” drive, please donate through YPC International College Public Bank Account (Public Bank A/C No: 3109168617).

” You also can donate, according to your ability. Even 1 Ringgit will and can make a difference,” said Datuk Noel.

Any enquiries can be emailed to admin@ypccollege.edu.my


On the social front, YPC International College provides millions of scholarships for the lower income group to enable them to get world ranking UK degrees locally and good jobs in future.

Our education knowledge and teaching tools are world class. We prepare our students to compete internationally in any circumstances and environment. We are making a difference!

Community engagement is a core skill which is emphasized and practiced by our students to become an all rounded person. YPC emphasizes on wholesome learning through an adequate education system.

Other community engagement services include sponsoring academic improvement programmes in schools, encouraging green environment by turning fruit peels into enzymes and anti- bullying programme.

Our students are robust and through the development of their core skills and community engagement and their live skills, they are prepared to go global and work under any circumstances.

COVID-19 has created a great challenge which Malaysians and the world have never seen before and as such it is vital for us to prepare students to be both physically and mentally fit to face the challenging situation.

“Our trained counselors conduct online surveys to access the capability of our students to cope with the current situation and for those who need help, online and telephone support is available.

“We want to leave a legacy of students who are high achievers academically and active in community engagement,” said Datuk Noel. –Malaysia World News 


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