States’ SOP should be the same as the Federal Government’s directives – Minister

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PUTRAJAYA: The use of QR Quotes or Quick Response Quotes by some states for easy management purposes is not compulsory as it is not in the Act 342, Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Act 1988).

Security and Senior Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the government encourages people to download relevant apps and states do have their own apps but it is not compulsory.

“Many people do not like their personal details like name and hand phone numbers to be written and probably for that reason the states have introduced QR Quotes,” he said in his daily press conference held here today.

Ismail added, the use of face mask is also not compulsory in the Act 342 but the people are encouraged to wear it whenever they are in the public places.

The senior minister was responding to a question of whether the QR Quotes is compulsory on the people during the Conditional Movement Control Order that (CMCO) was enforced until June 9.
Elaborating on this, Ismail said,

whatever SOPs that have been released by the National Security Council (NSC) at the state level should be the same as the Federal Government’s directives.

Regarding the inter-state travel permits given to the Muslim couples who want to marry, Ismail said non Muslims have also been granted the same permission but only four are allowed that is the bride and bridegroom and two other witnesses to be present at the registration event.

On the CMCO compliance, Ismail said, 93 vehicles without inter-state permissions have been asked to return by the police. The highest number of attempts to cross the state borders is led by Pahang (38), Melaka (27) and Selangor 24.

“Yesterday Jun 2, the police had detained 56 individuals who did not comply with CMCO and from that 46 individuals were remanded while 10 others were on police bails.

“The police had also issued compounds to 88 individuals for defying CMCO but there was no compound issued for Hari Raya visit,” Ismail said.

For the return of students to their home towns, Ismail added, from April 27 until to date, the Ministry of Higher Education had sent 57,729 students from the institutes of higher education back to their families.

Ismail said, on June 2, 915 students have been sent back via seven flights. However 702 students are still at the campuses and will be sent back soon. –Malaysia World News

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