15th General Election will be held soon if UMNO is confident to win, says UMNO Vice President Ismail

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KUALA LUMPUR MAR.19: If UMNO is confident to win in the coming 15th General Election (GE15) the party will not wait even a second to dissolve the Parliament, said Prime Minister and UMNO Vice President Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob here today.

Ismail said, everyone in the party wants Barisan Nasional (BN) to be the dominant parti again in the country.The big victories garnered in the State Elections have made the people stronger to “fight” to the extent there is a request for the Parliament to be dissolved immediately.

“I have heard the debates from representatives on the 15th GE and if everybody agrees let me be with the president, deputy and vice presidents or the top five to discuss on this matter, is it okay?” Ismail asked members of UMNO at the winding-up session at the UMNO General Assembly 2021 held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

Ismail then urges the UMNO Family to be close together so as not to allow the negative elements to disturb the harmony of the family. This is because only UMNO is the hope as the people have tried to change the government but it has proven that only UMNO and BN could help them.

Ismail added, all the issues that have been decided by the UMNO Supreme Council (MKT) Meeting on 27th Aug. 2021 have been implemented with the support of the UMNO cabinet ministers.

“We have established the RCI of Tabung Haji. The government will not hide anything and investigation has started since January and I believe it will be completed by July this year.

“Today I would like to announce the new investments amounting RM32 billion to develop the Automotive High-Technology Valley (AHTV) in Proton City, Tanjung Malim, Perak.

“The investment from DRB-Hicom is expected to create 370,000 job opportunities throughout the development phase and 161,000 throught the operation phase,” Ismail said.

According to Ismail the time has come for the people to be proud of Bahasa Melayu and hence there is no reason why we should feel uneasy to speak Bahasa Melayu even at the international stage because “Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa” or “Language is the Soul of the Race”.

The Prime Minister added, Dewan Bahasa Act will be empowered by giving enforcement power to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). For example the using of wrong words on the notice/bill boards. DBP can take action on the wrong usage of the language.

“We will amend the DBP Act so that in any wrongful use of the language including at the district level, DBP will take action.I have already informed the Minister of Higher Education and she has agreed that it is compulsory for all foreign students to learn Bahasa Melayu.

“More than 300 million people in ASEAN use Bahasa Melayu as the spoken language. Bahasa Melayu is the seventh mostly spoken language in the world. My ambition is to make Bahasa Melayu as the second language of ASEAN,” Ismail reiterated.

Meanwhile Ismail said, the government has agreed to implement the new minimum monthly salary of RM1, 500 effective 1st May 2022 nationwide.

He added the impact study had been implemented in depth and its effects on the Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) before the government made the decision. As such the implementation of the minimum wage/salary only involves employers in the private sectors with more than fiver workers. –Malaysia World News


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