MCO offenders will be compounded RM1, 000

Malayan Mansion emco

PUTRAJAYA APRIL 9: The police have issued 95 compound notices worth RM1, 000 each to the Movement Control Order (MCO) offenders effective April 8.

Those found breaching MCO will be taken to the police station before the compound notices are given to them. The compound should be paid at the District Health Office within two weeks of its issuance.

Minister of Defence and Senior Minister (Security Cluster) said, those who failed to pay the compound will be charged in the court.

“Effective from yesterday the police have started to take action by issuing compound notices to MCO offenders,” he said in the press conference here today.
Ismail said the police detained 300 individuals who have breached MCO at roadblocks and police patrols but the numbers are lower than before with 454 detentions.

“The detention rates have dropped by 34% compared to the day before. From 300 detained, 252 were remanded while 48 were on bail,” he added.

Meanwhile 7,205 individuals have been detained since March 18 until April 8.
In another development, Ismail said, the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) imposed on Simpang Renggam , Kluang Johor in March 26, has been extended to April 14.

Regarding the allegations in the social media that says food supply did not reach the people, Ismail said, those affected should report to the local community leader like the people’s representative or village head.

“The community leader will then forward the problem to the District Disaster Management Committee (JPBD) and the Social Welfare Department (JKM),” he added.

He also mentioned about the food supply worth RM5 million was distributed to the aboriginal community by the Department of Orang Asli Development (JKOA). It involves 49,670 heads of households in 853 aboriginal villages from April 2-10.

Meanwhile in the second phase that will start from April 10, the food supply worth RM6 million will be given out to 55,000 heads of households. –Malaysia World News

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