15 million people to benefit from “e-Tunai Rakyat” using e-wallet – Guan Eng.

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PETALING JAYA JAN.16: The “e-Tunai Rakyat” programme launched by
Pakatan Harapan government on Wednesday was not only to invite 15 million Malaysians to use e-wallet but to convince small business entrepreneurs to use the digital payment system.
Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has suggested all business entrepreneurs to
immediately register with the e-wallet provider in order to get the benefits from
the programme sponsored by the government.
“Your participation will help the government’s effort to reduce the digital gap between small businesses and big companies and between big cities and rural areas,” said Guan Eng in his speech at SS2 here today.
Guan Eng was on his tour to Petaling Jaya to get the response and feedback
from the “e-Tunai Rakyat” programme that was launched on January 15.
Guan Eng also urged the Boost, GrabPay and Touch ‘n Go to double their efforts in widening the usage of the digital payment among small business
entrepreneurs in the cities and the remote areas.
The Finance Minister also reported that the response from “e-Tunai Rakyat”
programme was very encouraging as at 9.pm yesterday (Wednesday) about
380,000 applications had been received and 320,000 had been approved.
The number of applicants is expected to increase when the e-wallet system is more stable.
The “e-Tunai Rakyat” programme was launched yesterday in which the government has granted RM30 each to 15 million people aged 18 and above
with income less than RM100, 000 per year.
Guan Eng said RM450 million has been set aside in the 2020 Budget to implement the “e-Tunai Rakyat” that was announced on October 11, 2019.
The free gift of RM30 from the government said Guan Eng could be obtained from any one of the three e-wallet providers that participated in the programme.
“All the three e-wallet providers will also give out additional incentive on top of
the RM30 from the government. For example “Touch ‘n Go will give extra
RM30 that makes the total value of RM60 of “e-Tunai Rakyat” from e-wallet,”
said Guan Eng. –Malaysia World News

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