13 villages in Terengganu, a school in Sarawak under EMCO until 2nd June 2021 

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KUALA LUMPUR MAY 18: Thirteen villages in sub-district Pelagat, Besut, Terengganu have been imposed with Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) effective 20th May until 2nd June 2021 due to the drastic increase in positive COVID-19 cases with high infectivity rate in the localities.

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the 13 villages involved in the EMCO include Kampung (Kg.) Alor Selinsing, Kg. Bukit Yong, Kg. Tok Motong, Kg.Lak Lok Dalam, Kg.Lak Lok, Kg. Padang Landak, Kg.Padang Luas, Kg. Padang Luas Hilir, Kg.Padang Tapong, Kg. Paroh, Kg. Kubang Siam, Kg. Seberang  Jerteh,  Public Low Cost Houses (RAKR) Seberang Jerteh, RAKR Pelagat 1,2&3).

Ismail said, until yesterday 199 positive COVID-19 cases had been recorded in all the localities after the Ministry of Health (MOH) carried out 1,092 screening tests.

“MOH reported that there is a rise in COVID-19 infection with high positivity and infectivity rates in the localities,” Ismail said in a statement here today.

After a risk analysis was carried out with several agencies in the Technical Committee of MCO and with the advice of MOH, the government agreed to impose EMCO on the 13 villages in sub-district  Pelagat, Besut Terengganu for two weeks until 2nd June 2021. 

The implementation of the EMCO, said Ismail is aimed at limiting the movements of the people to stop the COVID-19 infection and to enable MOH to carry out screening tests on a big scale amongst the people in the localities.

Meanwhile EMCO has also been imposed on the Long House Wun Ak Ering and National School Bakerkong, Tanjung Manis, Mukah, Sarawak effective 20th May until 2nd June 2021.

Ismail added, MOH had reported five positive COVID-19 cases were detected with symptomatic and close contacts of positive cases within four days via screening tests.

The implementation of EMCO will enable MOH to carry out targeted screenings on the people involved and hence stop the transmission of COVID-19 to other areas.

Regarding the Task Force Compliance Operation, Ismail said, yesterday 514 individuals had been detained for not complying with the standard operating procedure (SOP) and among the offences committed were, not wearing mask (147),failing to record personal details/registration when entering premises (127), no physical distancing (62),  carrying more passengers (13) and others (165).

On the National Border Control, Ismail said, the Op BENTENG had detained 41 illegal immigrants (PATI) and seized two ships/boats while 157 boats/ships had been traced in the Malaysian waters via nine observatory activities.

The Op BENTENG had been carried out by the national security authorities besides other security agencies that had carried out 462 road blocks yesterday and this includes  Op PENAWAR/MCO – 409,OP BENTENG Royal Police Malaysia (RPM) -44 and Op BENTENG Malaysian Border Security Agency (AKSEM) -9. –Malaysia World News       

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