France to fine social media ( Facebook) if not remove “hate speech”

Macron Reuters
Macron (Reuters)

The French government and President Emmanuel Macron (pic) plans to introduce laws that would give authority to independent regulators in France to verify that firms are appropriately guarding against the publication of hate speech on their platforms, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

The independent regulators will have powers to fine social-media companies like Facebook Inc. if they don’t adequately remove hateful content.

According to the WSJ,  France intends to introduce laws that would create a “duty of care” for widely used social-media companies, requiring them to moderate hate speech published on their platforms, according to French officials, speaking ahead of a Friday meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and Facebook FB, -0.16%   Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg.

The French move will make tech companies more responsible for the inappropriate content their platforms sometimes distributes—whether it be electoral disinformation, terrorist propaganda or a pirated copy of a Hollywood film.

These efforts come amid a global wave of regulation and investigations of big tech firms. The European Union has enacted broad restrictions on how companies handle data as concerns over privacy grow. Governments also are probing how tech giants pay their taxes, and whether some companies are abusing their size and market power to thwart competition. – The Wall Street Journal

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